Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 OPT U

Referenza: 4044951018963
Codice EAN: 4044951018963

€ 41,50


The SKILLER SGM1 is a mouse for all occasions. The ergonomic design and good handling like the screen workers. The gamer enthusiastic about the optical PixArt PMW3336 sensor with 10,800 dpi, the comprehensive programmability, five macro keys and the Weight-tuning system. The design lovers is pleased with the simple, elegant shape and the adjustable lighting and mouse wheel SKILLER logo. the SKILLER can be tune SGM1 not only from the outside. In the software, six different DPI levels can be individually deposited. Settings for the RGB lighting, polling rate, Doubleclick- and scroll speed missing any more than Angle Snapping and independently adjustable axis sensitivity. But the SGM1 can do even more. Whether repetitive office work or difficult key combinations Gaming, thanks to the configurable SKILLER SGM1 You never have to worry again doing here. Program in the extensive gaming software, each of the 12 keys with a single click, macro, keystroke or multimedia instruction and save complete game profiles in the onboard memory of SGM1 from. So can, once configured, execute complex key sequences, including delays and clicks's play. Some like feather your mouse, others almost as heavy as lead. The SKILLER SGM1 can do both. Using six weights of four grams, the weight of SGM1 can be adjusted in seven steps from 106 to 130 grams. No tools required.

Full details
Type mouse
colour black
EAN 4044951018963
scope of application Gaming
Suitable for PC
query Type optical
resolution 10800 dpi
dpi switch Yes
frames 8000 s
connection kind electric wire
reach Cable: 1.8 m
connections Type 1x USB
Polling rate 1000 Hz
acceleration 30 G
material mouse feet PTFE
Onboard Storage 16 KB
service grope 12 pieces
scroll wheel 1 piece
ergonomics for right
lighting Yes
driver Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
lifespan 10 million
particularities adjustable weight system: 6x 4 grams; durable Omron switches in left and right mouse buttons; DPI levels: 10,800, 8,200, 5,200, 3,600, 2,400, 1,600, 800 + individually adjustable via software; LED DPI indicator; six profiles; Gaming software
mass 130 grams