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EK Water Blocks EK-AF Nero

Referenza: 3831109846933
Codice EAN: 3831109846933

€ 9,00

EK-AF FillPort is a panel mounted adapter primarily designed as an extension to reservoir to function as a service port. This adapter fitting allows easier topping-off and can alternatively also serve as a drain-port.This adapter is equipped with one standard female G1/4 port and is closed-off by enclosed G3/8 Plug required Allen Key is also enclosed.Made from nickel-plated CNC machined brass.Specification:- Threading: 1 x G1/4- Plug: 1 x G3/8- Thread length: 7.0mm- Diameter: 33.0mm- Height: 27.0mmROHS 2.0 compliant!
Genere del connettore 1Femmina
Filo di collegamento3/8"
Agenti per raffreddamentoLiquido
Colore del prodottoNero
Altezza27 mm
Diametro3,3 cm
Certificati di sostenibilitàRoHS