DX Racer - Sedia da Gaming Formula per PC/PS4/XBOX One, ergonomica, con Rivestimento in Tessuto, Tessuto a Rete Traspirante, Pelle Sintetica, Nero, 85.5 x 69.5 x 35 cm

Referenza: GC-F11-N-H1
Codice EAN: 7340136115043

€ 311,50

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Compared to the majority of office chairs on the market of DXRACER Formula Gaming Chair has a high back, which supports the entire spine from the pool floor to the neck. With a seatback angle of up to 135 ° of DXRACER Formula Gaming Chair can be placed almost in lying position. Including a relaxation keeping is possible by ongoing work. The DXRACER not only offers the usual functions such as height adjustment and rotating 360 degrees. Thus the armrests can be adjusted separately on their own desires, for example, so that the upper and lower arms are taking the scientifically informed counseling 90 degree position. A solid mechanism with tilt function and 5 double security roles distinguish this DXRACER from henceforth.

Full details
Type game seat
colour black
EAN 7340136115043
Manufacturer no. GC-F11-N-H1
material reference material
frame aluminum IC
armrest 3D
Seat Width: 37 cm, depth: 46 cm
Load capacity up to 100 kg
details Chair mechanism with rocker mechanism and locking function, adjustable backrest up to 135 ° - almost to horizontal position, comfortable and indestructible cold foam moldings, stable steel frame with elastic bands developed from racing technology
equipment available cushion included

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